Here you will find some recent projects that I have worked on

in various areas of film production & post production.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters


Iron Man III


Man of Steel


The Hobbit


Ghost Rider 2


ICE 2020


The Lovely Bones




King Kong


Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers & Return of the King


some of which have been compiled into a showreel.

I’ve divided up my visual effects into two reels…

Feature Film.


If you’d like to get in contact just drop me a line,

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or have a look at some of my videos

which I make in my spare time…

Here’s some fire & explosions I did for Assembly

Click here to go to Assembly

Here’s a quick video of a floating rock over the ocean

And here’s a video of a rock floating up in front of some guy…

Here is a mutant blinking it’s eyes

Here’s a Guy with a boomBox

& find out more about me…

Hi! I’m a visual FX artist Based in Wellington New Zealand. I have been working in film & television for over 10 years and have a broad knowledge of visual effects from 2D graphics to 3d simulations. I do stuff like:

  • Fluid Simulations

  • Particle effects

  • Rigid body dynamics

  • Scene Assembly

  • Lighting & multi-pass rendering

  • Research and look Development

  • FX related 3D tasks(modeling, animation, rigging)

  • Nuke compositing

  • Graphic Design

On this site you will find some of my recent work and hopefully an updated showreel! Here’s a link to my IMDB page.